Each Jira Service Management project comes with its own customer portal where customers or colleagues can lodge requests with your teams. ProForma enhances the JSM portal’s functionality by:

  • Allowing you to create forms on the portal that collect exactly the information needed for a given request type.

  • Include multiple forms on a single request, giving you a structured way to collect follow-up information.

  • Allowing customers to edit/update requests so the most current information isn’t buried in a comment chain

Creating Request from Portal Forms 

Once a team has published a form to the JSD portal, customers can create requests by going to the JSM Help Center and selecting the appropriate portal. The customer then selects the appropriate group and request type.  The form will open for the customer to complete. The customer fills out the form and clicks Send

This creates a request, including all of the information on the form, in the service team queue.

Additional Forms on a Request

The service agent may choose to add additional forms to the request. This could be an OPEN form, intended for the customer to fill out, or a form that has been filled out by the service team and is being shared with the customer to show them the work completed.

On the portal, the customer clicks on the name of the form they wish to view and the form will be displayed. A blue flag will indicate which form is currently shown.

To submit a secondary form that has been added to a request, click the name of the form name, then click the Edit button. ProForma lets customers save forms in progress using the Save button. When the form is complete, click Save and Submit. The completed form is now included on the request.

Editing or Updating a Request

One of the benefits of using ProForma is that it allows Jira Service Management customers to edit/update a request after it has been created. In order to update a request, the form needs to be OPEN.

Forms can be reopened by a Service Management Agent. Or a you can use advanced form settings to have the forms stay open (editable) after the request has been created. See the form settings page form more information.

Once the form is open, the customer can edit and resubmit the form.

Multiple Copies of the Same Form

Depending on the situation, a service agent may choose to add a second copy of a form, rather than reopening the form for editing. This is useful for when you need to preserve the original request and create an easily accessible record of changes to the request.