User Guide: Form builder

Understanding forms

Forms allow customers to submit their requests and help your business teams gather the information they need.  Forms are specific to each project.  ProForma lets you build forms from scratch or customize one of the existing ProForma templates.

Frequently asked questions

Form Builder

Please see our Form Builder User Guide for more information.

Question: What happens when you change a the design of a form that's already in use?

Whenever a customer fills out a form, that version of the form is saved with the customer's responses. Any subsequent changes to the design of a form will not affect completed forms that have already been submitted. This prevents the accidental deletion of information that has been previously entered in response to questions. 

Question: Can I add an image to a form?

The Information Area allows you to enter raw HTML. This means you can include an image using the <img > tag. The image will be stored on another service on the Internet or within your network.

Question: What field types are supported?

ProForma currently supports the following Jira field types:

Supported default Jira field types

Supported Jira custom field types

Jira custom field types not yet support




Due Date



Date Picker

Date Time Picker

Number Field

Radio Buttons

Select List (multiple choices)

Select List (single choice)

Text Field (multi-line)

Text Field (single-line)

URL field

User lookups


Select list (cascading)