Error: 401

This is error is caused by a timeout issue and can result in users being unable to save their work. To avoid this error, it is recommended that you save frequently when building forms.

Order of Choice Options

When a ProForma Choice question is linked to a Jira Field, the choice options are automatically populated with the values provided by the Jira field. These choices will not be able to be edited and reordered within ProForma. Due to the way ProForma gets the choices list from Jira (as the API used does not return ordering information), the options may not be in the desired order. This will be addressed in future development.

Unsupported Content

An error message that says “Unsupported Content” may display when you are previewing or viewing a form. To resolve this error:

  • Check your browser. ProForma no longer supports IE11. To resolve the error, switch to another browser. If you/your users are dependent on IE11, you will need to revert to version 7.3.x of ProForma.

  • Ensure that the content is not HTML, or if it is, ensure that HTML is enabled on the ProForma Configuration page.

  • Ensure that the content does not use tab indentions. Using the tab key causes the Unsupported Content error. As a workaround, use spaces instead of tab to indent text. This limitation will be addressed in future development.

User-lookup Field Not Returning Options

There are two options for configuring user-lookup fields:

  • Default Jira user search (Restricted)
    Only users with permission to access Jira can lookup other Jira users.
    This search will NOT work for customers and anonymous users in the Jira Service Desk portal.

  • Users with Browse Project permission
    Both Jira and Portal users can lookup Jira users who have the Browse project permission for this project. This means that any user who has permission to see the project’s issues will be returned as an option in the user-lookup field.

    To make a user show up as an option in a use-lookup field, add the Browse Project permission to the project’s permission scheme, and ensure that the user is a member of the group or role that has the permission.