Approvers Not Receiving Notifications

When a ProForma field is linked to the Jira Approvers field, it allows users to assign approvers for an issue or request entirely within a ProForma form.

However, these approvers will often not receive a notification or email requesting their attention. This is due to the order of operations – Jira attempts to send the notice before ProForma has had a chance to tell Jira who the approver is.

There are three possible workarounds:

  • Move the approver field off of the ProForma form and handle it using a Jira custom field instead

  • Add an interim status as described on this page

  • Create a Jira automation rule (cloud) or Automation for Jira (Server/DC) rule that scans recent issues based on a schedule and JQL query, and notifies approvers who need to look at an issue.

Compatibility with Refined Structure and Theme

ProForma is not currently compatible with Refined Structure and Theme for Cloud.

In Server/Data Center, when there is a dropdown at the bottom of the form (or when conditional logic means no other sections are displayed), only the first option of the dropdown is displayed, the rest are obscured by the create button.

The workaround is to add extra white space at the bottom of the form (which is always, rather than conditionally, shown). This provides space for the dropdown menu.

If you are using the Legacy form builder, you will need to use an Information section and several empty line break tags to add the blank space:

<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

Duplicate Forms on the JSM Portal

Duplicate forms may appear on the JSM portal if both ProForma and ProForma Lite are installed. To resolve this error, uninstall ProForma Lite. Form templates created with ProForma Lite will continue to be available.

Forms Not Loading on the JSM Portal

An incompatibility issue can cause ProForma forms not to display on the JSM portal if Calendar for Jira – Plan Team Activities (Server/Data Center) is installed on Jira version Jira 8.7.1. Upgrading to ira 8.10.0 resolves the incompatibility.

Completed Forms Not Visible on JSM Portal

An incompatibility issue with Theme Extension for Jira (Server/Data Center) can cause only the description field is displayed under the Details section portal after a customer has created a request with a ProForma form.

The solution is to:

  1. Go to Jira Administration>Manage Apps>Theme Extension

  2. Use the toggle to disable the Request Details View.

Jira History Tab and Audit Tracking

Changes to ProForma form fields are not recorded in the issue history tab. Likewise, if a ProForma form makes a status change to a Jira issue using a Form automation rule, there will also be limited information regarding that in the issue history.

Improving ProForma’s history and audit tracking will be addressed in future development. In the meantime, it’s possible to integrate with the issue history tab by using linked Jira fields on the form for the specific data whose changes you would like to track. Data in linked Jira fields is available for Jira reports, JQL queries and the history tab.

Unsupported Content

An error message that says “Unsupported Content” may display when viewing forms on the JSM portal in IE11. To resolve the error, switch to another browser. If you/your users are dependent on IE11, you will need to revert to version 7.3.x of ProForma.