Using ProForma forms in next-gen projects is any easy way to get around the limit of 50 fields. However, there are some limitations when using ProForma in next-gen projects.

ProForma in Classic vs Next-gen Projects



  • ProForma has a single-user picker field and a multi-user picker field which can be linked to their respective field types in Jira.

  • ProForma does not currently recognize next-gen “people” fields. Therefore, it is not possible to link a user-picker field on a form to a Jira field in a next-gen project

  • When using a ProForma form as the request form in a Service Project, you can link the Jira Summary field to a ProForma field and then hide the Jira Summary field.

  • It is not currently possible to hide the Summary field in next-gen projects. Therefore, if you link a ProForma field to the Jira Summary field, both will be shown on the request.

Linking ProForma Fields to Jira Custom Fields in Next-gen Projects

In next-gen projects, custom fields are created at the project level and are not available globally. Currently however, when linking a field on a ProForm form in a next-gen project to a Jira field, you will be shown both the fields in the next-gen project, as well as, other (global) custom fields from your instance. Select the custom field specific to the next-gen project.

  1. Create a custom field in the next-gen project by selecting the field type from the sidebar on the right.

  2. Then fill in the field details.

  3. Alternatively, you can reuse fields created for other issue types/request types in the same project. Note that global custom fields created for use in Classic projects are not available in next-gen projects.

  4. Create an issue of this field type. Currently, ProForma uses the most recently created issue as the template to determine what fields can be linked to. Do not delete the issue later, as this can cause the fields to become unlinked.

  5. Create a ProForma form by going to Settings > Apps > Forms > Create form.

  6. Select the Linked Jira Field property for the indicated form field. The newly created custom field will be shown in the list. Note that currently, the list of Jira fields shown in the question properties may show fields that are not part of your next-gen project. Although these fields are shown in the form builder, only fields that have are included on the issue type/request type in the project will work.

ProForma Groovy Scripts in Next-gen Projects

Marketplace apps such as Jira Misc Workflow Extensions, Powerscripts, Scriptrunner, or any tool that uses Groovy can be used to manipulate ProForma forms. Note that some of the scripts provided do not work in next-gen projects: