This page refers to ProForma’s native automation. Please see the other pages in this section for information about using ProForma with Jira Automation, JSM Legacy Automation and Automation for Jira.


Automation rules let you integrate ProForma forms with your workflows, improving efficiency, standardizing processes and strengthening compliance. You can also build automation rules directly into your forms, regardless of whether you are working in a Service Desk, Software or Business project. You can include as many automation rules on a form as needed.


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ProForma Automation Rules

The table below shows the options available when creating Form Automation rules. There is an additional For.. condition that applies to either All request / issue types or can be limited to a specific request or issue type.

Note that ProForma automation is currently configured to only fire automation on generic events. Integration with other event types will be added in the future.




This form is submitted - Note that a form must pass all validation rules in order to be submitted

all forms are submitted - checks that all other forms attached to the issue/request have been submitted

the status is - checks that the current status of the issue/request matches the specified status

change the issue status to - changes the issue to the desired status.

Note that a valid Jira workflow transition must exist in order for the issue to change to the designated status on form submit.

The status changes to - specify the status required to trigger this rule

the issue status was - checks the prior status of the issue.

add this form to the issue - a copy of the form will be added to the issue

  • and allow duplicates - allows multiple copies of the form to be attached to the issue

  • if this form is not already attached - prevents duplicates of the form being added to the issue by the automation rule

  • and set form to External - makes the form accessible from the JSD portal

  • and set from to internal - the form can only be accessed on the issue and not via the portal

A Jira workflow validation is performed - 

- this rule is checked if the Jira administration has set a workflow validator to check for a ‘Specific ProForma Form(s)’

this form is not attached and is not submitted - the form must be both attached and  submitted

the issue is changing from - specify the previous status

the issue is changing to - specify the target status

prevent the status change - the status change will be blocked unless the form is attached