Using a Workflow Validator

Workflow validators allow you to prevent a transition from taking place unless certain criteria have been met. See Atlassian's documentation for more information on workflow validators. Three workflow validators can be used with ProForma:

  • ProForma Forms: Form(s) attached - Validates that there is at least one form attached to the issue.

  • ProForma Forms: Form(s) submitted - Validates that all forms attached to the issue are submitted.

  • ProForma Forms: Specific form submitted - Validates that a specific form is attached and/or submitted. Note that setting this rule must also be set on the Form Settings of the specific form.


Note that automation rules on forms can be set by Project Administrators. However, workflow validators will need to be set by a Jira Administrator.

To create Jira workflow validator, go to Jira Settings > Issues > Workflows and click Edit for the relevant workflow. Select the relevant transition (validators are set on the transition not on the status) and click on the Validators tab.

Click Add Validator and select one of the three ProForma validator optionsClick Add. The validator will be added. Remember that you will need to Publish the changes to the workflow.