Form fields can be linked to Jira fields (standard or custom), making the data available for reports and JQL queries, for triggering automation, including in scripts or organizing a queue. The value entered in the form field will populate the Jira field and vice versa.

If a form has been Submitted, then the linked field on the form will not change, unless the form gets reopened. This allows ProForma to be used as a system of record. You can also Lock the form to further restrict access.


Click here to see a tutorial. You can change the language for the video by clicking on the Language icon in the upper right corner.

Making a Field Available for Linking

Currently, ProForma uses the most recently created issue as the template issue type to determine what fields can be linked to. If the field you wish to link to is not listed in the dropdown, temporarily create an issue of the desired issue type. Then return immediately to the form builder and edit your form template. The desired field should now be included as option to link to. Do not delete the issue you created, as this can cause the fields to become unlinked.

Note that while this method should work in most cases, it will not work for the following field types:

  • Attachment

  • Custom cascading choice lists (single or multiple)

  • Custom next-gen people fields

  • Due date (Server and Data Center)

  • Labels

  • **Field created by other apps (ProForma does not currently integrate with DEISER ProFields. Integration with Insight fields is in development.)

Note that we are working to improve how ProForma recognizes available fields and to make it possible to link to all field types.

**ProForma may or may not be able to link to fields created by other Jira apps. If there is a third-party field that you would like to be able to link to, please let us know.

Workaround for Non-supported Fields

You can use project automation to link to fields that aren’t directly supported in ProForma. This examples demonstrates linking to the Labels field.

  1. Create a “defacto” custom choice field that has the same options as your Labels field. This field does not need to be included on any screens.

  2. Link a field on your ProForma form to that custom field.

  3. Use Project Automation (cloud) or Automation for Jira (server) to copy the value from your custom field into your Labels field.

Note that you will need to two automation rules to ensure that both the form field and the Jira field are kept up to date: 

  • Update Label field (sets the value of the labels field to match the value of the defacto custom field)

  • Update defacto field (sets the value of the defacto custom field to match the value of the Labels custom field)

Limitations of Linked User Lookup Fields

Note that a ProForma user picker field that is linked to a Jira user picker field, will not reflect any constraints (filtering to specific groups) that exist on the Jira field). This limitation will be addressed in future development.