A support team needs a way to triage tickets, do preliminary investigation and effectively communicate the details of the bug to the engineering team.


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Typical Issue Life Cycle

  1. Customer submits Support Request form via the JSM portal.  

  2. The Support Agent may suggest some standard solutions, may ask for support files or additional information, and will try to reproduce the problem. Once it’s determined that the customer has indeed found a bug, the Agent will transition the issue to SUPPORT TRIAGE.

  3. A  Bug Triage form is automatically added to the issue, and the agent completes the top portion of the form. While the Bug Triage form is designed for internal use, depending on the complexity of the situation the Agent may set the form to external, allowing the customer to confirm that the form accurately reflects the bug.

  4. When the information is complete, the Agent transitions the issue to ENGINEERING REVIEW. The form contains all of the information needed to understand and reproduce the issue.  The Engineer completes the colored part of the form, providing the Agent with the information needed to explain the findings to the customer.

  5. The Engineer then transitions the issue, either by providing a fix, or by raising a bug. 

  6. The Agent uses the information Engineering added to the form to update the customer.

You can use project automation to clone the issue from the support project to your development project. Additional apps such as Deep Clone (cloud only) or ScriptRunner allow you to clone the form along with the issue.

Key Actions

  1. Set up ProForma automation to automatically add to the Bug Triage form when the issue is transitioned to SUPPORT TRIAGE.

  2. (Optional) Use automation to clone the issue to the development project when the RAISE BUG transition occurs.


You can download this workflow from the Atlassian Marketplace.


Support Request

This form is available in the ProForma templates side bar.

Bug Triage

This form is available in the ProForma templates side bar.

Unique Feature / Advantages

  • Using forms standardizes how the Support Agent works and what questions are put to the customer.

  • The form also serves as an efficient vehicle for passing information between the Support team and Engineering (without the Engineer having to comb through a comment chain); and from the Support project to the Development project.

  • Multiple copies of the form can be added the issue – especially useful if the customer submits multiple problems on the same ticket.