Using Forms on Requests

In addition to publishing forms to the portal so that you always get the information you need on a request, ProForma allows you to include multiple forms on a single request, to control which forms are accessible on the portal and which forms are only accessible to agents, and to allow customers to edit existing requests from the portal.

Viewing Forms on Requests

Once ProForma is installed, a Forms section will be added to issues. If your Jira instance uses New Issue View, you may need to click on the ProForma icon in order to see the forms section.

Adding More Forms to an Existing Request

ProForma allows you to include multiple forms on a single request. Additional forms can be added for internal service team tracking, or to collect follow-up information from the customer. For example, if the original request was for approval to travel, the agent can add a trip report for the customer to complete once they have returned to their home office.

To add a form to an issue, scroll down to the forms section and click Add Form. A dropdown menu will show a list of available forms. Forms that have been recommended for the particular request type will be shown at the top of the list. Select the desired form and click Add.

Alternatively, you can use ProForma automation to automatically add forms to issues.

Form Accessibility

Internal vs External Forms
ProForma forms can be either Internal (only visible or editable from the issue view) or external (visible and editable from the JSM portal). Agents can change form from internal to external and vise versa. Adding internal tracking forms and making them external upon completion is an easy way to keep the customer in the loop about work completed.

See this tutorial for more information.

Filling Out Forms on Requests

Service agents can fill out internal forms that have been added to a request. To fill out a form click Edit. A blue banner will indicate that you are in edit mode and you can fill in the form fields. You can click Save to save a form in progress. Alternatively, click Save and Submit when you have finished filling out the form. If you click Cancel any changes made to the form contents will be lost. See this tutorial for more information.

Understanding Form States

A form on a Jira request will be in one of three states (see tutorial):

  • OPEN  – Open forms have not yet been submitted or have been reopened to make edits. A user can fill out or edit open forms.

  • SUBMITTED   – A user can submit a form upon completion, signaling to service agents that the form is now complete. Submitted forms will need to be reopened in order to be edited.

  • LOCKED –  Locked forms can only be reopened by users with Administer Project permissions.

Reopening a Form

Unless a form has been set to lock on submission, any agent can reopen a form (see tutorial). This will allow the form to be edited, either by the customer via the JSM portal (for external forms), or by the agent.  Allowing customers to edit existing request from the portal means the most up to date information is in the appropriate field on the form, rather than buried in a comment chain. 

To reopen a form, click on the form name so that the form is displayed. Then click the Reopen button. Alternatively, you can use form settings to have a form stay in an open state.

To update/edit an open form, click Edit. After making the desired changes, click Save and Submit.

If a form has been set to lock on submission, you will not be able to make changes once the form is submitted. A dialogue box will warn you and confirm that you want to submit the form.

Any user with Administer Project permissions can reopen a locked form.

Form PDFs and Spreadsheets

The ... button gives you the options to download (see tutorial):

  • A PDF of the form (PDF with a vertical listing of form fields and responses)

  • A Rich PDF of the (PDF with of form fields and responses with formatting)

  • A Spreadsheet of form fields and responses

Attached PDF
Note that depending on the settings that were put in place when the form template was created, there may already be a PDF of the form in the attachments section of the issue. 

Customer PDF
Customers also have the ability to download a PDF of the form from the portal.

Delete a Form from a Request

The ... button also gives you the option of deleting open forms.