You can configure ProForma so that it will allow users to create Jira issues directly from ProForma forms, thereby ensuring that you get all of the information you need from the moment the issue is created. 


Click here to see a tutorial. You can change the language for the video by clicking on the Language icon in the upper right corner.

Enabling Issue Forms

To allow users to create issues directly from forms, you must first enable the ProForma Issue Creator. To enable the Issue Creator, log in as a Jira Administrator and got to Jira Settings > Apps (Cloud) / Add-ons (Server) > ProForma.  Go to Configuration and use the toggle button to enable the feature.  

Configuring a Form

To allow users to create issues directly from a given form, go to Issue Form setting on the Settings tab of the form builder. Use the toggle to enable the Issue Form setting and select the indicated Issue Type from the dropdown menu. 

An advanced option allows you to indicate if you would like the form to remain open (editable) once the issue is created.

Missing Mandatory Fields

In order to create an issue, ProForma needs to provide values for all mandatory fields.  If the Create Issue screen requires a field and there is no corresponding linked field on the ProForma form, then the user will receive a 400 error. Alternatively, the user may receive an error telling them at a specific Jira field (for example the Description field) is required.

Check the Create Issue screen for the indicated issue type and ensure that all required fields are included and linked on the ProForma form.

Linking to a Form

When you enable the Issue Form setting on a form, it will also create a link to the form. Click Copy to copy the link to your clipboard. You can now include the link in notifications, Confluence pages, etc. You can also add the link to the sidebar of a Jira project.

Creating Issues from Forms

A user will now be able to select Issue Forms from the Apps menu on the Jira navigation bar. They will be prompted to select the appropriate Jira project from a dropdown menu, then to select the indicated form. When the user fills out the form and clicks Create, the issue – with the form included –  will be generated. 

Alternatively, a user can click on a link to the form to go directly to the form.

Note that to be able to create an issue from a form, a user must be logged in to Jira and must have Create Issue permissions.