ProForma has a simple configuration page that lets you get set up in a matter of minutes. You can choose whether or not to globally enable Issue Forms, and you can enable ProForma on any or all of your Jira projects.

Enabled by Default

This option controls whether ProForma will be enabled by default in new projects created in Jira. It will also affect any project that has not explicitly been enabled or disabled, which you can do using the bulk Enable All and Disable All buttons for projects.  

Project Configuration

ProForma can be enabled and disabled for all project in your Jira instance, or for some projects and not others. Enabling ProForma on a project will allow you to:

  • View forms attached to issues/requests

  • Fill out a form attached to issues/requests

  • Publish a form with a request type on Service Desk projects

Disabling ProForma for a project, or removing ProForma entirely, will hide/remove all of the above functions. Any forms that are already attached to an issue will not be deleted. However, it will not be possible to view the forms attached to the issues. 

Form Builder: Allow HTML

This options allows Project Administrators to insert raw HTML into a form template. This can be useful for including YouTube videos or images within your forms. Be aware that the content of any html block in a form is not included in any PDF.

Allowing raw html in your form templates could pose a security threat, as it could allow for Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. It is therefore up to each Jira administrator to determine whether the option should be enabled.

Disabling the Allow HTML setting will mean that HTML included on any Standard forms, including forms that have already been added to issues, will not be rendered. It will not impact Legacy forms.

Enabling this option means that URL responses on the form will be rendered as clickable links when the form is in view mode.

Beware that enabling this feature could allow links to malicious content. 

Issue Forms

ProForma can allow users to create Jira issues directly from ProForma forms, thereby ensuring that you get all of the information you need from the moment the issue is created. This is a global feature that, once enabled, will be available on all projects in your instance. However, you will also need to adjust the Form Settings to allow issues to be created from a particular form.

To enable the Issue Creator, log in as a Jira Administrator and got to Jira Settings > Apps (Cloud) / Add-ons (Server) > ProForma.  Go to Configuration and use the Issue Forms toggle button to enable the feature.  

Analytics & Messaging

ProForma collects anonymous usage data and incorporated Intercom as a messaging platform to ensure Project and Jira administrators are kept informed of changes to ProForma. Please refer to our Trust Site page for more information.

Disabling this option will prevent ProForma from sending any analytics data and also disable the onboarding and notification messages displayed within the app.

ProForma Lite users cannot disable this option.