Configuration Manager for Jira allows Jira Administrators to automate the transfer of Jira configuration data and issues between different Jira Server instances. With this integration, a new capability has been added to ProForma. Now, ProForma data will be included in the backup snapshots generated by Configuration Manager and restored on import. See Configuration Manager for Jira's documentation for a full explanation. 


Starting with version 7.0.3, ProForma for Jira Server supports integration with version 6.3.4+ of Configuration Manager for Jira

How Does Configuration Manager work with ProForma?

Configuration Manager  makes it easy to migrate your ProForma forms from one Jira instance to another. When backup snapshots are created and restored, certain pieces of ProForma data will also be restored from Project Configuration snapshots, System Configuration snapshots or Project with Issues snapshots. This includes:

  • Whether ProForma is enabled or disabled on the project (note the default is enabled unless it was ever explicitly set to disabled).

  • Whether the project was enabled for Issue Forms

  • All of the project's form templates

  • Form automation rules

  • Data Lookup Connections that are in use on a form. Note that authentication details will be removed, so while the connections will be restored, administrators will need to reenter authentication details for the connection.

  • Any issue types and/or statuses that are required to restore the backup


In the current version of the ProForma integration with Configuration Manager for Jira, there are some limitations on Jira Service Desk Projects. The following items are currently not restored from snapshots.

  • Form settings for "Jira Service Management Customer Portal" requests

  • Form settings for "Recommended Form" when associated with request types

  • Form settings for "Create Issue" when associated with request types

  • Form automation rules that include request types

We are working with the team behind Configuration Manager for Jira to develop the capacity for including Request Types in the Snapshot. However, until that functionality is available, you’ll need to manually link forms to their request types after you have copied the configuration.

How to Use Configuration Manager with ProForma

Requirements – Requires version 6.3.4+ of Configuration Manager for Jira

Ensure that ProForma is installed on the target instance. Then execute a system restore using Jira Configuration Manager Snapshot. The settings and configurations listed above will be transferred.