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Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I incorporate Approvals with ProForma

We have a whole page about using the various Approval functionality in Jira with ProForma Using Approvals in Jira Server or Using approvals in Jira Cloud

Question: What permissions are needed to build a form

To build (design) a form in a project, a user requires the 'Administer Project' permission so that they can access the Project Settings > ProForma Forms page. 

Question: Where does ProForma store its data? What type of database does it use?

ProForma stores its data in Jira, and so ProForma does not require a database to store your data. In Jira Server the Docker image is self-contained and does not need a data volume or database connection; instead it uses Jira APIs to read and store data.

The data is stored in Jira entity properties, which is data stored on the issues and projects in your Jira instance. It is to access ProForma data by using Jira's APIs for entity properties, these APIs are documented at The form and form templates are stored as JSON data structures, but as yet ThinkTilt does not document the format of the ProForma JSON because new features are still in development and so their schema has not yet stabilised. It is possible to read and even write these JSON structures, but new versions of ProForma are likely to change the format and so it would be at your own risk if you use them directly.