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Adding a Form to an Issue

Use the When... dropdown menu and select the status changes to. You'll be prompted to indicate the target status, the issue/request types you want the rule to apply to and (optionally) the previous status. You'll also be able to indicate whether you want to allow more than one copy of the same form on the issue.

When using a rule to add a form in a Service Desk project, you will be able to indicate whether you want the form to be Internal (only viewable and editable to the agent) or External (viewable and editable from the JSD portal). Adding External forms to existing requests allows you to collect follow-up information that may not have been available when the request was first created. 

Note that ProForma automation is currently configured to only fire automation on generic events. Integration with other event types will be added in the future.

Duplicate Forms
ProForma gives you the option to include duplicate copies of the same form on a Jira issue. Each copy of the form captures the information at the time the form was submitted, allowing you to easily see a history of the work done, rather than only a snapshot of the current state of the issue.