ProForma: Forms & Checklists for Jira
(Cloud, Server, Data Center)

Tag Line

The form builder for Jira and Jira Service Desk.

Elevator pitch

ProForma is the app for creating forms and documents in Jira. Using ProForma means better forms, better checklists, and fewer custom fields.

ProForma forms allows teams to collect complete, structured and specific data on every Jira issue or request without requiring custom fields or complex configurations. ProForma makes it easy for any team to move any process into Jira.

Feature Highlights

  • No Custom Fields - ProForma form fields allow you to collect additional data without creating Jira custom fields. Teams can collect all of the information they need without burdening the Jira administrator or impacting Jira performance.

  • Enrich JSM Portal - ProForma forms can be published to the JSM portal, allowing service teams to collect the exact information they need for a given request type.  Feature like conditional logic and validation let teams tailor their request forms to their users. Attach multiple forms to a request to support more complex processes. Requests made via ProForma forms can also be edited from the portal.

  • Automation - Build automation rules in ProForma to change issue/request status on submission; automatically add forms on a particular status; or, prevent a status change if a form is not submitted (workflow validatioN).

  • Feature Parity Cloud/DC/Server - All versions of ProForma, Cloud, Server, and Data Center all have same features.

  • ProForma Lite - Use the free version of ProForma to build a proof concept with your clients. While missing some more advanced features ProForma Lite still meets the needs of hundreds of clients. Compare ProForma and ProForma Lite

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Top 10 Forms

November 2020

  1. Covid-19 Screening Form

  2. Access Request

  3. Position Management

  4. Inventory Support

  5. Hardware Request

  6. Final Bug Testing Form

  7. Job Application

  8. Onboarding Form

  9. Account Help

  10. Special Request

Problems ProForma Solves

  • Mature users of Jira Service Management are using ProForma to implement Enterprise Service Management – managing more complicated process and extending Jira Service Management to non-tech teams; 

  • By Jira Administrators seeking to encourage better uptake of Jira utilizing a well known "form" format;

  • Organizations struggling with custom field bloat;

  • For projects with large field listings on issues who are looking to create a cleaner, more structured data collection approach.

  • Organizations with strong compliance requirements use ProForma to build stronger compliance by designing business rules into the form design eg: spending limits, date parameters, required choices.


Great addition to Jira for us to reduce the number of custom fields and increase performance. A lot of great features to it with more coming - can't wait! Very quick and reliable support from their staff. I highly recommend them. John Funk - 4 September 2019

ProForma has become a vital solution in our organization and eliminates the need of creating custom fields to house information that doesn't need to be stored. The support team is incredible and responds quickly to any bugs or issues that are found. Can't ask for more!  Jimmy Nguyen - 28 February 2019

Fantastic support team that have responded to me and my team within even an hour of reporting an issue. Very helpful, polite and generally exactly what all support teams should be! Keep up the good work 5* (or 4*). Samuel Bryan - 4 February 2019