ProForma Skills Checklist

Skill Level

Using the Form Builder

Create a form using a template

Copy a form to another project


Create a form from scratch

Convert a legacy form to a standard form

Copy a form to another instance

Add a section and a question to a form

Delete a form element

Move an element to a different place on the form

Understand different question types available

Link a form field to a Jira field

Create a dynamic (conditional) form section

Validation: Adding validation to fields

Validation: Using Regex patterns on text fields (Advanced)

Add an image to a form

Set up a data connection (Advanced)

Form Settings

Change a form name

Set a form language

Form Submission: Lock a form on submit

Form Submission: Create and attach a PDF

Set form to Stay Open

Recommend a form for a specific issue / request type


Publish a form to the JSM portal


Use a form as an Issue Form


Create a link to a form

Form Automation

Create a rule to automatically add a form to an issue

Create a rule to automatically change an issue status when a form is submitted

Create a rule to prevent an issue from changing status unless a given form is attached and submitted

Service Desk Project: Create a JSM rule to automatically add a form to an issue

Use ProForma to trigger an automation rule with Project Automation

Copy forms to a new subtask using Automation for Jira

Working with Service Management Projects

Publishing form to portal

Adding multiple forms to issue

Opening form for editing

Making forms internal/external

Keeping a form open

Reopening a form

Working with Business & Software Projects

Adding forms to issues

Creating issues from forms


Unlocking a form

Reporting and Search

PDF Download

XLSX download of an individual form

XLSX Download of all forms

Integrations with Other Apps/Plugins

Set up ProForma to work with Refined Theme

Use ProForma with Configuration Manager to copy forms from one instance to another


Clone an issue, including forms, using Deep Clone


Support Options


Multilingual Help Sites

User Guides

Status Page

Support Portal

Support Hours and SLA


Instant Access Demo



Product Road Map

Feature List

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