Use Cases & Case Studies

See how customers are using ProForma, as well as examples of how ProForma can help bring processes into Jira.

Use Cases

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ITSM Use Case: Change Management
Discover how ITSM teams you can combine ProForma forms with a flexible Jira workflow to streamline change management.

HR Use Case: Recruitment
Follow this use case, complete with workflow and forms, to enable HR and hiring teams to easily mange recruitment in Jira.

IT Use Case: Bug Reporting and Triage
Follow this use case, complete with workflow and forms, to enable support teams to easily receive and triage, bugs, and communicate their findings to the development team.

Software Dev Use Case: Bug Checklists
Use bug checklists to improve the quality of the work your developments do in Jira.

Operations Use Case: Broken Equipment
Use Jira Service Desk to streamline the reporting and inspection of broken equipment.

HR Use Case: New Hire Onboard
Coordinating HR, Operations and IT for a new hire is made much easier with Jira and ProForma forms.

HR Use Case: New Employee Orientation / Induction
Handle employee orientation with Jira Service Desk with ProForma forms.

Use Case - Applying to Attending a Conference
Imagine if you could easily use JIRA Service Desk for any business process. Getting approval to attend a conference might look something like this.

Compliance Use Case: Ethics Committee Approval
Discover how you can manage IRB/Ethics Committee approvals with ProForma and Jira Service Desk.

Case Studies

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The Power of Simplicity: How DNWG Automates Processes with ProForma
Discover how a utility support service in The Netherlands is using ProForma for Jira to provide no-touch service.

How TETRA is Using ProForma to Reduce Jira Custom Fields
TETRA, a global oil and gas services company with operations on 6 continents, is using ProForma to limit custom fields and simplify Jira administration.

Getting to Press Faster with ProForma and Jira Service Desk
Discover how the Sheriff's Office in Monmouth County is streamlining internal processes with Jira Service Desk and ProForma.

Bye bye, JotForms. Opt for the Forms Solution Backed by Jira
A large scale health provider said good bye to JotForms and is handling marketing processes with ProForma for Jira.

How the LSU Foundation Said Goodbye to PDFs and Streamlined Processes with ProForma
Learn how the LSU Foundation is using ProForma to streamline their processes by saying goodbye to PDFs and gathering all the information they need on JSD requests.

Expert Advice Series

We partner with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, to create content series which are then assembled into eBooks. You can reprint these articles, crediting and linking to the listed author, or download the complete eBook.

Using Forms in Jira & Jira Service Desk (in Progress)

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Form Design in Jira Matters
Forms and screens do more than collect data. Discover how form design can enhance efficiency, improve customer relations and make the world better.

Layout and Flow: Creating User-Friendly Forms in Jira
Make your Jira forms more user-friendly by following these three principles of form design.

Good Form Questions in Jira: Part 1
Get good data in Jira by asking the right questions, the right way.

Part 2: Choice Questions & Conditional Logic in Jira
Choice questions provide structured data and are great for triggering automation or conditional logic. Learn how to writing good choice questions in Jira.

Things to Think about When Converting Forms to Jira
Use these best practices when converting paper and electronic forms to Jira forms and screens.

Efficient Jira Screens and Jira Service Desk Request Forms
Screens, screen schemes, request forms…Rachel Wright explains the best practices for collecting information in Jira.

Tips for Creating Good Jira Forms and Screens
Now that you know good form design and how to ask good questions, Rachel Wright offers some tips to improve Jira screens and Jira Service Desk request forms.

Battling Custom Field Bloat (get the eBook)

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How to Audit Custom Fields
Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, describes her process for auditing Jira custom fields.

Time to Decide: What to do with all those Jira Custom Fields
Explore the options for reducing custom fields while still maintaining all of the needed data.

Deleting, Hiding & Merging Jira Custom Fields
Learn when and how to delete, hide and merge Jira custom fields, including strategies for dealing with the people who use those fields.

Reducing Jira Custom Fields through Substitution
Learn how you can reduce custom fields without sacrificing data by substitute ProForma fields.

Keeping It Clean: Containing Jira Custom Field Growth
Now that your Jira instance is clean, here’s how to keep it that way.

Are You Ready for the New Jira?
Jira super-user, Rachel Wright, explores what next-gen projects in Jira cloud will mean for users, Jira administrators and Jira app developers.

Jira Next Gen-Projects: From the User's Point of View
A skeptic creates her first Jira next-gen project and reflects on the advantages and potential disadvantages of the new Jira.

7 Custom Fields Every Jira Application Needs
Author and Jira Super-user, Rachel Wright, describes seven (only seven!) custom you need in your Jira application.

Effective Jira Administration (get the eBook)

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Who’s in Charge? Jira Governance for Business Teams
Jira Governance - Learn how having a Jira administrative board can impact your business unit in a big way.

System, Application & Project Admins: Who Does What in Jira?
Take a closer look at who can (and should) do what in Jira, given the new editing abilities granted to project admins in version 7.3 and 7.4.

And the Best Tool for Managing Jira is…Jira!
Learn how you can manage Jira users’ requests and support your Jira application from within Jira itself.

Keeping Track of it All: Jira for Asset Management
Discover how three simple tools can provide you with a fool-proof system for tracking business assets.

Best Practices for Creating a Custom Workflow
Create seamless custom fields and workflows in Jira by following these best practices.

Jira Custom Fields and their Alternatives
Learn how to customize Jira for business teams because without creating custom field clutter.

Five Steps to a Successful Jira Upgrade
Follow this guide to smoothly manage upgrades in Jira Server.

Four Jira Workflows for Business Teams
Minimize admin and allow issues to be moved between teams by using the same Jira workflows.

Tips for Vetting Jira Apps and Plugins
Expert advice on vetting Jira apps, as wells as tips for testing and installing new Jira apps and plugins.

Jira Clean-up Time: How to Audit and Tidy Your Jira Instance
Perform a Jira clean-up following these tips to audit your instance and prune out elements that aren't being used.

Forms in Jira

These articles focus on the power of using forms in Jira, and the different options for integration (ProForma, Google forms, web forms, etc.).

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Five Ways Forms Help You Get More Out of Jira
You may be underutilizing Jira! Discover how adding forms to can create the perfect system for letters, checklists and sign-up sheets.

ADF Forms: Confluence-like Formatting in a Jira Environment
Introducing ADF forms – Now you can create forms in Jira using the design capabilities you enjoy in Confluence

Five Options for Creating Jira Issues from Web Form Builders
Users get an easy to use form and you get a Jira issue.

Giving Jira to Every Team Without Creating a Jungle
Now you can offer Jira's great functionality and flexibility to all of your teams without ending up with a jungle of custom fields, workflows and screen schemes.

4 Ways Adding Forms to Issues Amps Up the Power of Jira
Discover the secret to having all of the detailed, structured, information you need on a Jira issue without having to create custom fields.

How to Create Business Forms in Jira
Learn how to create online forms in Jira that will transform your business.

Why You Should Convert from Electronic Forms to Jira Forms
How and why you should convert from MS Word or PDF forms to online forms in Jira.

How to connect Google Forms to Jira
Step by step instructions for connecting Google Forms to Jira issues – and a viable alternative.

Why Using a Template is a Good Start
Discover the advantages of starting from a forms template.

Why Forms Matter
Learn why the classic business tool is as relevant as ever.

Team Focus

This content describes how Jira and/or ProForma can be used by teams across the organization: Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Project Management and Risk Management.


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7 Steps to Setting Up Financial Claims in Jira Service Desk
Follow these 7 easy steps to move your financial claims processes into Jira Service Desk ensuring standardization, transparency and compliance.

How Jira Service Desk Can Make Your Finance Team Even Better
Learn how JSD and ProForma can make handling finance processes more efficient.

Human Resources

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Two Ways Jira Can Make HR More Agile
Discover how Jira and ProForma can free your HR team from hours of admin, making them more productive, more responsive and more agile.

Agile HR with Jira & ProForma
HR, with its multiple regulators and mountains of paperwork, could benefit from agile practices. Discover how Jira can make HR more agile and how ProForma can keep Jira from losing its agility.

Towards a Performance Review Process that Actually Performs
Move beyond the traditional annual employee performance appraisal.

ProForma & JSD: The Perfect Team for Employee Performance Reviews
Performance reviews are easy to ignore and leave undone. ProForma for Jira Service Desk can help.

Self-service for HR with ProForma and Jira Service Desk
Ease the burden on your HR team by empowering them with a portal and a linked knowledge base.

Jira: The Ideal Tool for Employee Performance Reviews?
Employee performance reviews are a perfect example of a business process that begs to be handled by ProForma and Jira Service Desk.

Why Your HR Team Needs ProForma for Jira
If you’re not empowering your teams with service management software, then your not letting them live up to their potential.

Empowering your HR team with Jira
Playing a key role both in setting the strategic direction for your organization and in serving individual employees, no team needs a request management system more than HR.

New Human Resource Forms Added to the Template Library
Ready to shift those pesky paper processes to online forms? We've just added over 40 new Human Resources templates to make your job easier.

Five Jira Templates for your HR Team
Read our latest blog post on how our Jira Templates can help support your HR teams.


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Make Everyone Happy by Equipping IT with Built-In Forms
Discover how the simple addition of forms to support requests could be a powerful way to improve your service and increase JSD agent productivity.

Reduce Your Technical Debt with ProForma and Jira
There’s a cost to choosing the expedited solution over the elegant one. Discover how adding forms to Jira issues can help you address your technical debt.

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Paper Chase: Better Document Tracking in Jira
Documents keep processes transparent, people informed and asses covered. Jira can be a first class document tracking system.

ProForma: Fewer Disputes, Faster Collection, Better B2B Relations
Discover how you can streamline contract management and free up your legal team using a Jira Service Desk.

Why ProForma for Jira Will Make Your Legal Team Smile
Wondering if JSD can be adapted to truly fit highly specialized, non-technical teams? See what it can do for your legal team.


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Why Jira Service Desk is Marvelous for Marketing Teams
Marketing faces unique challenges in keeping everyone on brand. It’s a little like herding cats. How about a request management solution that meets their needs?

Simplifying Content Creation with JSD & ProForma
Streamline and simplify content creation by moving the triage, review and approval process into Jira Service Desk.

Mobilize Marketing with Content Management in Jira
Learn how to get the most out of Atlassian's content management templates.

Five ProForma Marketing & Business Templates for JIRA to Empower your Team
Let the Marketing team manage and respond to their own issues– from content creation to materials requests.

Facilities and Operations

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Controlling Who Sees What with Internal/External Forms
Discover how including multiple form per request on the JSD customer portal, and the ability to control who can edit form contents empowers teams to manage complex, multi-step processes.

Track Your Stuff: Easy Asset Management in Jira
Track any type of assed without needing new issue types or custom fields.

Catering to Your Operations Team with Jira & ProForma
Discover how you can empower your operations team to manage their processes with high efficiency and minimal IT support.


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Closing the Loop: Multiple Portal Forms for Procurement
Learn how you can have all of the information associated with the procurement process, from request to completion, organized and visible on the Jira issue.

Purchasing with Less Hassle: ProForma & Jira
Discover how Jira can be the perfect tool for your creating a catalogue and driving all of your procurement processes.

Getting the Right Stuff: A Practical Solution to Procurement
Overseeing your procurement process means making sure that the right steps are followed and the right questions asked. Find out how ProForma can help.

Project Management

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Command & Control: Manage Your Consulting Business with Jira
Build your consulting service catalogue into Jira to make the work of your consulting business visible, manageable and trackable.

Forms for Jira: Making a Great Project Management Tool Even Better
Discover the key to optimizing data collection on Jira issues with ProForma project management forms.

Putting the Pieces Together: ProForma for Project Management
Jira is the perfect tool for executing tasks and progressing towards milestones, but there’s another side of project management that can’t be overlooked...

Risk Management

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Better, Easier Compliance with ProForma for Jira
Discover how ProForma for Jira combines field level validation with form automation to create a recipe for compliance that teams can configure for themselves.

Navigating Compliance with ProForma & Jira Service Desk
Whether you’re collecting compliance reports or tightening up business protocols, the combination of Jira Service Desk and ProForma can improve compliance.

Up Your Compliance with ProForma for JIRA Service Desk
Are rules really made to be broken? Most rules were made for good reason. Here’s how you can use ProForma and Jira Service Desk to ensure compliance.

The Proof’s in the Process: Enhancing Compliance with Jira and ProForma
Explore Jira can help you tackle the issue of compliance. This means promoting compliant practices, being able to recognize when you are out of compliance and being able to prove when you're in compliance.

Jira Administation

Tips on Jira administration, the for advantages for Jira administrators of using ProForma, and strategies for bringing teams and processes into Jira.

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Good to Go: Three Ways of Handling Approvals in Jira
Need a thumbs up from someone higher up the chain of command? Discover 3 ways to handle expedite approvals in Jira and Jira Service Desk.

Let Me Help You: Creating Jira Issues on Behalf of Others
Whether you’re reporting for yourself or on behalf of someone else, there’s now a faster, easier way to create Jira issues.

Oh, Behave! Understanding Jira Workflow Transition Behaviors
Overwhelmed by trying to understand triggers, conditions, validators and post functions? Here’s a quick overview of Jira workflow transition behaviors and their uses.

Keeping Jira Workflows Simple with ProForma
Discover an easy solution for simplifying workflows and reducing custom fields while getting all of the information you need on Jira issues.

ProForma Forms vs Adding Attachments in Your Jira Workflows
Using email attachments to get data into Jira? See how ProForma lets you get the info you need without custom fields or downloading/uploading attachments?

Closed vs Resolved: The Final Stop on a Jira Workflow
Understand the difference between Resolved and Closed in a Jira Workflow, and discover why issues that have moved to the Closed status may still be unresolved.

Tips and Traps! Lessons Learnt with My First Jira Workflow
Jira workflows sounded straight forward enough, but there are nuances. Read about surprises you might encounter in creating your first Jira workflow.

ProForma: Making Data More Organized, Visible and Accessible in Jira
Struggling with how much or how little data you want to see on the issue screen? Forms are a great way to keep data organized and accessible without the clutter.

Getting Started if You’re New to Jira
For someone who is new to Jira, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Find networking points, tutorials and print resources to help get started.

Cutting through the Complexity of Jira Custom Fields
Explore strategies for offering teams the flexibility they need while still containing the number of Jira custom fields.

Trello, Jira or JSD: Which is Better for Business Teams?
Lets take a look at the advantages of Trello, Jira and Jira Service Desk, and how using Jira Service Desk can help your company get the most from Jira.

Getting a Handle on Jira Custom Fields
Get expert advise on cleaning up an overabundance of Jira custom fields, as well as the solution to having so many custom fields in the first place.

ProForma: Helping You Manage Jira Growth
Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of Jira projects, users and issues? Discover tips for managing Jira growth and how ProForma online forms can help.

ProForma & Jira Saves Time for Everyone
Discover how the ProForma app for Jira results in significant time savings for teams, customers and Jira Administrators.

Five Ways ProForma Makes Jira Admin More Manageable
As Jira spreads to more teams across your organization, your workload could explode. Discover a simple tool that can make Jira more manageable.

Bring the Benefits of Jira to Everyone with Form Fields
Improve data collection to bring the benefits of Jira to every team without increasing Jira admin. Collect specific data without adding custom fields.

Complete, flexible, standardized data collection in Jira Core
Learn how to get thorough data in your business projects without a sea of customizations.

Handling Complex, Multi-team Processes in Jira Core
Discover the key to managing and tracking multi-step, multi-team processes with Jira Core.

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Fewer Custom Fields & Better Jira Governance with ProForma
Discover how you can improve Jira governance while simultaneously reducing administration and the demand for Jira custom fields.

Search: Finding What You Need in Jira & ProForma
ProForma offers an easy way to collect needed data without requiring custom fields. But teams don’t just need to collect data, they need to retrieve it. Here are your search options.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira: What You Need to Know
The Who, What, Where, Why and How of ProForma for Jira.

Why You Need ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira
Better for customers, better for teams, better for the bottom line - three powerful arguments for converting business teams to a service desk model using Jira.

One to Many: Collecting & Structuring Data in a Jira Issue
Discover how creating forms and attaching multiple forms to an issue can be the key to structuring data in Jira.

Show Me the Data: Reporting Options for ProForma & Jira
Enjoy more insight into your business with reports from Jira and ProForma.

Systems of Record vs Systems of Engagement: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too with Jira
Can a system of engagement deliver the accuracy and reliability and infrastructure of a system of record? Which type do your teams need?

The Power of Having Everything in One Place
Do everything in one place. A system you’re already using could be perfect for collecting, processing and storing information.

Amplify the Power of Jira Core with ProForma
Now there’s a way to give the gift of Jira to business teams like Finance, HR and Marketing without creating jungle of custom fields and complex configurations

Jira Service Management

Articles about Jira Service Desk, Enterprise Service Management, and service management in general.

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Nice Work! ProForma is a Game Changer for Bringing Teams into JSD
Simon Herd and Kate Caldecott discuss implementing Enterprise Service Management with Jira Service Desk on the Nice Work! Podcast.

Get Things Done with ProForma & Jira Service Desk Automation
Getting work done hinges on getting the right data and taking the right action. Learn how ProForma and JSD automation can guarantee those things happen.

Riding the Wave: Jira Service Desk for ESM
Discover why Jira Service Desk was named one of the 12 best Enterprise Service Management solutions in the Q3 2018 Forrester Wave™ and how you can bring ESM to your organization.

Three Strategies for Optimizing the JSD Help Center
Not only does ProForma work with the new Jira Service Desk Help Center – together they are a winning combination for implementing an Enterprise Service Management Solution.

Better Together: Refined Theme and ProForma for Jira Service Desk
Discover how two apps can optimize your Jira Service Desk help center for both agents and customers.

Friendlier Forms & Better Data in Jira Service Desk
Discover how improving data collection on the Jira Service Desk portal benefits customers, service teams and Jira administrators.

Is Your JSD Portal User-Friendly or Overloaded with Fields?
Is your Jira Service Desk portal user-friendly or do customers have to scroll through a laundry list of fields to place a request? Discover the secret to getting all the data without the scrolling.

Change Happens: Edit Forms from the JSD Portal
Sometimes things change. Put the new information where people are looking for it – on the form – to ensure the desired outcome. Now users can edit their requests from the portal.

Empowering Service Teams with Multiple Forms on a Single Jira Request
Learn how you can have multiple portal forms per request type, or use forms to add more information for your internal processes.

Three Building Blocks of Enterprise Service Management
Enterprise service management is the key to providing excellent internal customer service. Discover the three building blocks you need to get started.

Are You Ready for Enterprise Service Management?
Lean how you can use Jira Service Desk to create an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system for your entire organization.

4 Ways Moving Business Processes to JSD Improves Governance
Moving to an enterprise service management model allows teams to relax, knowing that best practices and governance are built in to their processes.

Making the Most of Jira Service Desk Flexibility
Discover innovative ways that Jira Service Desk is being used beyond IT teams. See how you can quickly implement JSD for any team without a mess of customizations.

Lower Costs by Expanding Jira Service Desk Beyond IT
Discover how implementing Jira Service Desk for non-IT teams can result in significant savings for your organization. Empower teams like HR, Marketing and Facilities to become more efficient, without investing in new systems.

4 Ways to Provide an Awesome Customer Experience
Discover four ways your service teams can provide a great customer experience.

Jira Service Desk vs. the Status Quo
An example of how moving common business processes into Jira Service Desk is better for teams and customers.

Simple Jira Administration & Tailored Service with ProForma
Learn how to create a custom service desk without building any customizations.

Improved Jira Data Collection Promotes One-touch Service
Want to empower your teams to provide one-touch service? Smart data collection, without Jira custom fields, is the key.

10 Steps to Implementing ProForma and JSD for Business Teams
Step by step instructions for helping non-tech teams convert their processes to Jira Service Desk with ProForma.

Mind Your Queues: Optimizing Request Management with JSD
A fresh look at how business teams using Jira Service Desk can and should organize their request queues.

Selling the Service Desk Model
Three arguments to help convince the powers that be that your teams should covert to a service desk model.

One Solution for Service Teams: Forms & Templates for Jira
Every team is a service team. So why don’t they all have service management software? See how you can leverage Jira Service Desk for all you business teams.

Making JSD Yours While You Make it Everyone’s
Rationale and tips for bringing your non-tech teams into JSD, along with options for branding your customer portal.

Better Service: The Innovation People Actually Want
Inundated with innovation? Here's a simple solution to providing an innovation people actually want – better, faster service.

Did it work? Measuring Success of Moving to a Service Desk Model
JSD provides great metrics, but how do you measure success for teams that have no baseline? How do you convince those teams to use service desk in the first place?

How's Your Internal Customer Service?
Do you get great service with a smile when you ask for help from Finance, Legal or HR ? Discover how converting to a service desk model can improve internal customer service and bring harmony to your organization.

Jira and ProForma: Better Service for Less Money
Explore how converting business teams to a service desk model can result in greater efficiency, better service and a bigger bottom line.

Do You Need ProForma and a JSD Super Agent?
How can you give your non-tech teams the functionality of JSD, and the autonomy to design their own processes without creating a a spaghetti plate of custom fields, workflows and data schemes?

Customer Service - Getting Better or Going Down Hill?
It turns out that in spite of all of our cool tools, analytics about what customers are looking for and investments in customer service, people are as annoyed as ever. Here's how you can help.

Jira Service Desk for Any Team
Every business team, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources gets barraged with requests for their services. Grant them the power of a request management system.

Business Process Management

Articles discussing the advantages of formalizes business processes and bringing them into Jira.

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Making Processes Palatable with ProForma and Jira
Discover how creating purposeful, easy to follow, well-designed, efficient processes can help you bridge the gap between process people and non-process people.

People & Processes: Your Most Important Business Assets
Learn how you can enhance and protect your most important business assets: your people and your processes.

Discovering Pain Points
Explore how you can create better business processes by shining a magnifying glass on the things that aren't working.

Why Email Isn’t the Way to do Business
Citing some sobering statistics, this article explains why email is not a good strategy for getting work done and offers up a better alternative.

Moving Beyond the Inbox
Combining the immediacy of a phone call with the written documentation of letter, email once seemed like the ultimate business communication tool. But it's time to help teams move beyond the shared inbox.

The Power of Letting Business Teams Solve their own Problems
If you’re not giving every one of your business teams the power and the tools to solve their own problems you run the risk of cultivating an “us vs. them” mentality in your organization.

Processes Are More Alike Than Not, Across Different Organizations
Many business disciplines are common to all types of organizations; finance, operations, HR, etc.

Business Process Management Matters - Jira Can Help
Business process management (BPM) helps organizations become more efficient, flexible and effective.

Process vs. Bureaucracy: Can We Have One Without the Other?
Some things are universal. We all hate bureaucracy, but we need process. Here's how you can find a balance.