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See how ProForma compares to other leading apps in the Atlassian Marketplace

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Data Format

Understand the data format ProForma uses to store form details on Jira issues and requests.

NOTE: A new format will be introduced in Dec 2019

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Due Diligence

We have collated commonly requested information during a due diligence process and published it in our Trust Center. If we are missing anything, or you would like further details, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Access and download from our growing library of eBooks and White Papers.

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Feature List

We maintain a comprehensive list of features available in ProForma. The Feature list also highlights the difference between ProForma and ProForma Lite

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Access PDF user guides for each role in your client’s team on how to use ProForma.

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Information Pack

We maintain an information pack with all of the critical information about ProForma and how it can be used . Access or download the pack as a PDF.

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Logos and Images

ProForma logos and images are available for use on your website, blog or social media.

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Multilingual Help Sites

ProForma provides support for 24 languages. This includes (autogenerated) multi-lingual tutorials and documentation for the all essential ProForma functions related to working with forms on issues or via the JSD portal.

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Each quarter we send a newsletter to our partners providing a high-level summary of the important feature releases and what is coming. View prior newsletters and subscribe if you haven’t already.

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Reusable Content Catalogue

View the back catalogue of articles and ebooks produced by ThinkTilt. Any of these items can be selected for reuse or refresh if you wish to distribute them to your clients.

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Sample Blog Post

Our sample blog post can be used as a starting place for promoting ProForma to your customers. It contains all of the images and information you need to quickly produce a new article.

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Slide Deck

Reuse the ProForma slide deck, which contains slides highlighting key features in ProForma, in your own client presentations.

Download the ProForma Slide Deck (Keynote or PDF).

Training Resources

In conjunction with our user guides, our skills checklist provide a framework for delivering effective training on ProForma to clients.

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