Your ProForma forms and form templates will be preserved when you migrate to Cloud. However, please note the following limitations:

  • You must migrate all projects

  • There are minor feature differences (listed below) between ProForma Server and ProForma Cloud

  • You must contact us so that we can reset an internal key to ensure linked fields continue working correctly

Feature Parity 

Although we strive to maintain feature parity across all hosting options, there are some differences due to limitations Atlassian or third party apps. These include:

Migration Instructions

Instructions for migrating from Server to Cloud can be found here.

Site Import Migration

You can also do a site import as described here. Note that with a site import, linked fields in existing forms will become unlinked due to the changed location of an internal key. Please contact us, with the planned date and time of your migration and we will change the key. Note that if new forms are created in Cloud, before the key has been updated, links to Jira fields will break when the key is changed. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us to change the key after the migration is complete, but before new forms are created in the cloud instance.

We need to manually change a key location in order for your linked fields to work after a Site Import migration to Cloud. Contact us before you edit or create forms in your Cloud instance.

Migrating Individual Projects

Currently, it is not possible to migrate individual projects due to limitations in the Atlassian cloud migration tool.