Known Limitations



User lookup - Anonymous users on the JSD portal

Currently for JSD, a user must be logged in as an agent on the project in order to lookup users. JSD customer portal users who do not have access to the internal Jira instance will not be able to lookup users.  You may want to use a dropdown or a text field in these cases. We are working to improve this functionality.

Creating Epics with Issue Forms

ProForma can be used to create epics, however a workaround is required.


Epics have a required field of Epic Name, and you will not see this field in the Jira Field list unless the last issue created in a project is an epic.

ProForma generates the list of available fields to link to by looking at most recently created issue in the Project and then what fields are available in that issue’s edit screen.

If this issue is a story or a bug, then it wouldn't include the Epic Name field as Epic Name is not used by a story or bug issue type.

The workaround to use a ProForma form to create an epic is as follows:

- Create an Epic issue in the required project (using the standard Jira create screen/interface)

- Edit the form template you wish to use to create future Epics

- Under the list of fields you can link to it will now display Epic Name (which is a required field when creating Epics).

- Save the form template

- You should now be able to use this form to create Epics in your project.

Dropdown menus on Refined Portal

When there is a dropdown at the bottom of the form (or when conditional logic means no other sections are displayed), only the first option of the dropdown is displayed, the rest are obscured by the create button.


Adding an arbitrary amount of extra white space at the bottom of the form (which is always shown, rather than conditionally) can ensure that all items in the dropdown menu are displayed.

This can be done using an Information section and several empty line break tags. For example

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Unable to add forms to Jira Software (Server) Board issue View

ProForma forms are unable to be viewed or edited on the Jira Software board issue view. This is where an issue is selected when looking at the Board, and a side-menu appears on the right.


Access the issue via the full-screen issue view, for example as seen by a URL similar to:


This will allow ProForma forms to be viewed and edited as normal.

Ordering issues with Choice Menu options which are linked to Jira Fields

When a ProForma Choice question is linked to a Jira Field, the choice options are automatically populated with the values provided by Jira. These choices will not be able to be edited and reordered within ProForma.

It is possible that the choices will be in an order not intended by form creators. This is due to the way ProForma gets the choices from Jira - as the API used does not return ordering information.

This is something we are actively looking to fix at some point in the future.

Approvers Not Receiving Notification

When a ProForma field is linked to the Jira Field, it allows users to assign approvers for an issue or request entirely within a ProForma form. However, these approvers will often not receive a notification or email requesting their attention.

The order of operations is the cause behind this problem. Jira will attempt to send the notice before ProForma has a chance to tell it who the approver is.


Using an automation tool such as Automation for Jira, it is possible to scan recent issues based on a schedule and JQL query, and notify approvers who need to look at an issue. This gets around the problem caused by the order of operations, as all issues will be periodically scanned for Approvers, and send notifications.

Duplicate Forms on Jira Issues or JSD Portal

When ProForma full and ProForma Lite are both installed on a Jira instance, duplicate UI elements will be seen. This is because these two editions share the same forms and configuration data.


Uninstall one edition of ProForma. All existing form templates, issue forms and configuration data will be retained in the remaining edition of ProForma

Issue creation unsuccessful

When using the Issue Forms feature to create Jira issues using ProForma, you might see a 400 error follow by this error message:

This error comes up because the Jira issue being created has mandatory fields are not being fulfilled by Jira Fields. For example, if a Jira issue is configured so that “Impact” is required for the creation of that issue, then a ProForma question must be linked to the Impact field, and filled out by the user.

For this reason, it is recommended any mandatory Jira field is also made mandatory within ProForma, so that the user will be certain to enter valid data into that field.

401: Unauthorized when building forms

This is error happens due to a timeout issue after about 30 minutes. Users will be unable to save work and all unsaved work will be lost.

Because of this, frequent saving is recommended when building forms.

Jira Server Indexing Issues when ProForma Lite and Full are installed.

When ProForma Lite and ProForma Full are both installed on a Jira Server instance, indexing can fail. This also likely affects Jira Data Center, but this has not been tested.


Uninstalling ProForma Lite or Full will fix this problem. Disabling is not sufficient - the version of ProForma that will not be kept must be uninstalled

Note: All form templates and data will be retained by your Jira instance, and will be accessible via the remaining ProForma edition.

App Incompatibility Issues

App Name



Calendar for Jira - Plan Team Activities

Server & Data Center

Forms do not load if Calendar for Jira is enabled in Jira version Jira 8.7.1.

Work around: Upgrading to Jira 8.10.0 resolves the incompatibility.

Gaia for Jira: Project Template Manager

Server & Data Center

Does not support copy form templates with the project configuration.

Refined - Structure and Theme JSD Cloud


Cannot publish forms to the JSD Portal.

Work around: Currently there is none.

Theme Extension for Jira

Server & Data Center

When a customer raises a request via the form only the description field is showing under the Details section on the customers view of the submitted request.

Work around:

Go to Jira Administration>Manage Apps>Theme Extension. Use the toggle to disable the Request Details View.



JSD: Forms completed in customer view do not attach to the issue.

Work around: Currently there is none.

Supported Jira Fields

You may be able to link a ProForma field to a Jira field, depending on the field type. See this page for more information.