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ProForma: Forms & Checklists for Jira
(Cloud, Server, Data Center)

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The form builder for Jira and Jira Service Management.

Elevator pitch

ProForma is the app for creating forms in Jira. Using ProForma means better forms, better checklists, and fewer custom fields.

ProForma forms allow teams to collect complete, structured and specific data on every Jira issue or request without requiring custom fields or complex configurations. ProForma makes it easy for any team to move any process into Jira.

Feature Highlights

  • New Confluence-like Form Builder - Create beautiful, user-friendly forms with a Confluence-style form editor.

  • No Custom Fields - ProForma allows you to collect specific, structured data without the heavy Jira administration and reduced Jira performance that comes with too many custom fields.

  • Enrich JSM Portal - ProForma forms can be published to the JSM portal, allowing service teams to collect the exact information they need for a given request type.  Features like conditional logic and validation let teams tailor their request forms to their users. Attach multiple forms to a request to support more complex processes. Requests made via ProForma forms can also be edited from the portal.

  • Automation - Build automation rules in ProForma to change issue/request status on submission; automatically add forms on a particular status; or, prevent a status change if a form is not submitted (workflow validation).

  • Feature Parity Cloud/DC/Server - All versions of ProForma, Cloud, Server, and Data Center all have the same features.

  • ProForma Lite - Use the free version of ProForma to build a proof of concept with your clients. ProForma Lite does not include all of the advanced features available in the full version, but still meets the needs of hundreds of clients. Click the links below to compare ProForma and ProForma Lite

View Full Feature List or compare ProForma to other apps

Who Uses ProForma?

  • Mature users of Jira Service Management use ProForma to implement 
    Enterprise Service Management, allowing non-tech teams to improve customer engagement and provide better outcomes; 

  • Jira Administrators seeking to encourage better uptake of Jira utilizing a well known "form" format;

  • Organizations struggling with custom field bloat;

  • Project administrators with large field listings on issues who are looking to create a cleaner, more structured data collection approach.

  • Organizations with strong compliance requirements use ProForma forms to build business into their processes (spending limits, date parameters, required choices, etc. ).  Having multiple forms on an issue allows organizations to keep data organized and easily accessible, and to track changes over time.


Great addition to Jira for us to reduce the number of custom fields and increase performance. A lot of great features to it with more coming - can't wait! Very quick and reliable support from their staff. I highly recommend them. John Funk - 4 September 2019

ProForma has become a vital solution in our organization and eliminates the need of creating custom fields to house information that doesn't need to be stored. The support team is incredible and responds quickly to any bugs or issues that are found. Can't ask for more!  Jimmy Nguyen - 28 February 2019

Good support. The product itself is fully explained in 20 min. to everyone. Creating of Jira fields for each question belong to the past. :) Thanks and keep up the good work. James Lehmann - 12 September 2019

Key Contact

Kate Caldecott (COO, Partner Manager)

What is ProForma for Jira?

ProForma for Jira is the app/plugin for creating forms in Jira. Using ProForma means better forms, better checklists, and fewer custom fields.

ProForma forms empower teams to collect complete, structured and specific data on every Jira issue without requiring custom fields or complex configurations. ProForma makes it easy for any team to move any process into Jira.

How Does ProForma Work?

ProForma lets project administrators create forms that can be published to the JSD portal or embedded on Jira issues/requests. The ProForma form builder features a Confluence-style interface that’s simple and intuitive to use.  Teams can create friendly, attractive forms, following the principles of good form design – especially useful when working with non-tech teams who are bringing processes into Jira for the first time and want forms/screens that mirror their legacy forms and documents.

Below are some examples of how ProForma forms can be used in Jira. For more ideas, see our instant access demo.

Replace Subtasks with Checklists
Create simple or detailed checklists as an alternative to subtasks for tracking progress on an issue.

Simple checklist

Detailed checklist

Create and Track Documents (Contracts, Memos and Letters ) in Jira

The new form builder makes it easy to create contracts, memos, letters and other documents that you may not typically think of as a "form," but would like to track using Jira.

Provide as much Instruction as Needed

There's no need to send users to a Confluence page for instructions on how to complete a Jira field. Both the field and the instructions can be included on the ProForma form. Use a sidebar layout to provide in-depth instructions for any field.

Capture Progress Over Time

Using multiple copies of the same form on an issue makes it easy to see the state of the issue at different points in time, great for investigating bugs or demonstrating compliance.

Use Tables and Grids to make Data Compact

Use tables to create sign-up sheets or budget forms; or to collect multiple sets of the same fields.

Use Forms on the JSM Portal to Provide One-Touch Service

Creating detailed forms for each request type on your Jira Service Management customer portal allows agents to collect all of the information they need up-front. Conditional logic ensures that each customer is asked the right questions.

Why is ProForma Good for My Clients?

Using ProForma provides several key benefits for your clients:

Faster Service & Optimized Use of JSM

Empower service teams to get the information they need by publishing ProForma forms to the JSM portal. Getting the right information the moment a request is created can virtually eliminate wait times and comment chains, as agents have all the data they need to provide one-touch service.

ProForma features like conditional logic, multiple forms on a single request, and allowing customers to edit/update their submitted requests, make JSM a more flexible tool that is better able to handle complex processes.

Fewer Custom Fields

Using ProForma significantly reduces the need for custom fields without sacrificing structured data, making it an excellent solution for organizations that struggle with custom field bloat.

Better Data

Features like conditional logic, default values, and validation empower teams to collect better data without the need for complex configurations. Keep data organized and accessible even on issue types with long field listings. Create issues directly from forms to ensure the right data is present from the moment issues are created.

Improved Compliance 

Features such as field-level validation and form automation ensure that forms are accurate, complete and submitted before an issue can transition. When compliance requirements change, teams can easily update their forms without burdening IT. This makes ProForma an excellent option for highly regulated industries (banking, pharma, etc.) using Jira.

Why is ProForma Good for Me as a Consultant?

Once you’ve established a relationship with a client, there’s no need to limit your work to IT and Software teams. You can now offer an elegant, effective solution for all fulfillment teams.

Jira can be intimidating and overwhelming for novices users, but every team is familiar with forms, and many teams use Confluence. ProForma allows any team to use a Confluence-style editor to create (or recreate) their forms in Jira.

By offering this familiar format, you can increase Jira uptake for teams like Facilities, HR, Legal and Marketing. Teams will feel more comfortable with the transition to Jira knowing they can recreate the forms they use now, no matter how complex the field structure.

They’ll also be happy to hear that they can change forms themselves when needed. Teams are able to manage their own maintenance.

You’ll enjoy a deeper relationship with your clients as you bring value, not just to the “techies,” but to teams (and their customers) across the organization.

Be Included in the ProForma Template Library

ProForma includes a library of purpose-built, easy-to-modify form templates. Solution Partners can contribute forms to the library, exposing ProForma users to your brand. Any templates you contribute to the ProForma template library will include a banner across the top of the form with your logo and a link to a URL of your choice. Click here to learn more.

Key ProForma Features

ProForma’s full-service form builder allows teams (anyone with Project Administration permissions) to create, modify and publish forms in Jira and JSM.

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The ProForma Form Builder features:

  • Confluence-style form builder with rich text formatting, tables, page layouts and insert panels.

  • Multiple question types for gathering the right data (checkboxes, date, date and time, dropdown, number, paragraph, radio buttons, text, time, true/false).

  • A space for including hints, examples, and explanations for each question.

  • Ability to set default values for any field.

  • Information sections to include general instructions, examples, links, and more.

  • Field-level validation for requiring responses and enforcing allowable parameters, matching patterns (word/character count, number limits, regex, etc.).

  • The ability to link form fields to Jira fields for easy querying and reporting, or to trigger automation.

  • Data connections that let you link choice lists to third-party sources.

  • Conditional logic to show or hide form sections depending on the response to a previous question.

  • Access to a library of over 300 purpose-built form templates that can be modified to meet any teams’ needs, making getting started with ProForma fast and easy.

ProForma fully integrates with Jira:

  • Embed ProForma forms in Jira issues. No uploading/ downloading of attachments needed.

  • Include multiple forms on a single issue/request, toggle between forms to see the desired information.

  • Set automation rules to integrate forms with workflows. For example, you can add a form(s) when the issue transitions, transition an issue when a form is submitted, prevent an issue from being transitioned if a form(s) is missing or incomplete.

  • Use forms to create Jira issues directly from the navigation bar. When the form is submitted, an issue including the form is created.

ProForma is especially potent with JSM:

  • Create portal forms designed to collect the specific data needed for each request type, allowing agents to provide one-touch service.

  • Allow customers to edit their request forms from the portal.

  • Include multiple forms on a single request and control which forms can be seen by customers and which can be seen only by agents.

Reporting with ProForma:

  • Both agents and customers can download a PDF of the form for easy confirmation/portability.

  • Agents can export a spreadsheet to quickly sort, search and aggregate all responses that have been submitted for a given form.

  • Form fields can be linked to Jira fields, making the data available for reports and JQL queries.

  • Server and Data Center customers can use the ProForma Export API to export a spreadsheet of the desired form data as well as Jira fields.

Compare ProForma

We have produced a detailed comparison of ProForma against a range of other available apps.

View ProForma Comparison Page

Integrations & Advanced Usage

We recognize that organizations often combine apps in order to achieve optimum functionality. ProForma integrates with:

  • Automation for Jira

  • Configuration Manager for Jira

  • Deep Clone (Cloud)

  • Refined Structure & Theme for JSD

  • ScriptRunner

  • Insight (development in progress)

ProForma also provides APIs for the following:

  • Exporting ProForma data

  • Adding a form to an issue

  • Reopening a form

  • Submitting a form

  • Unlocking a form

We will develop more APIs for additional functions in the future.

View ProForma Integrations Page

Available Versions


  • Jira Cloud

  • Jira Server

  • Jira Data Center

Project Types:

  • Service Management

  • Software

  • Business (Core)

  • Next-Gen Service Desk


  • ProForma - The paid and fully featured versions

  • ProForma Lite - Same as ProForma; however some features are restricted

ProForma Lite has comparable features to the full version of ProForma and allows customers to create up to three forms, for free, with no time limit and no obligation to purchase. Data connections and user-picker fields are not available in ProForma Lite.

Use ProForma Lite as a proof of concept or for teams who only want to convert a few key processes. Upgrade to the full version when needed, without losing your previously created forms or form data.

Development Plan

ProForma is under constant development. We encourage feature suggestions and we are committed to developing ProForma to meet customers’ use cases.

We update our development roadmap each quarter.

We also maintain a Change Log which is updated regularly as new features roll out.


ProForma also has some limitations which will be addressed in future development:

  • ProForma forms cannot currently be included on a Jira issue Create screen. However, you can use ProForma to create issues from forms as described here.

  • You cannot set permission for which users can fill out ProForma forms.

  • ProForma does not yet support linking to these types of Jira fields: Cascading select lists, Labels, and Due Date (Server). A work around is available for linking to cascading select lists.

  • When a Jira field is updated by a linked field on a ProForma form in Cloud, the audit history will state that ProForma made the change. In Server, the audit history reflect the user who changed field on the form.

  • ProForma does not currently have calculated fields. However, a work around is available using automation.

  • If you wish to copy a submitted ProForma form to another issue, you can either use Deep Clone (cloud), Automation for Jira (server/data center), the ProForma API (server/data center) or a scripting tool. Alternatively you can download a PDF of the form and then upload that PDF on the new issue.


  • ProForma has incompatibility issues with Calendar for Jira and Simple Tasklists that can cause forms not to load on the JSM portal.

  • Users may not be able to see forms on issues if they are using version 68.x.x of Firefox. Upgrading to Firefox version 77.0.1 resolves the issue.

  • The current version of ProForma does not support the IE11 browser. If your customers work in IE, you will need to revert to ProForma 7.3.x.

Service & Support

SLA with Priority Support

ThinkTilt provides 24 hour support Monday-Friday, with the exception of public holidays in Brisbane, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Staff monitor support channels for critical reports/ major outages 24/7. Outages and highest priority support requests are responded to appropriately.

Support requests from Solution Partners are considered high priority. See our full Service Level Agreements and Escalation Policy.







Response Target

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

Required Response

2 hours

4 hours

8 hours

8 hours

8 hours


Working on reasonably continuing basis until resolution is reached

Within 2 business days

Within 4 business days

A notified resolution date, typically between 4 to 8 business days.

A notified resolution date.

Demo Assistance
We provide access to a data-populated account to demonstrate ProForma to clients and are happy to support you with collateral to support your client presentations.

Form Implementation Support
We will design and build up to five form templates (including all needed processes), free of charge for each client account where ProForma is installed. An hourly fee will be applied for design and build work beyond the first five templates.

Content Development
We provide Partners with one original article, with your branding, on a topic of your choice.

Custom Template Packs
Free custom templates developed to streamline the process of onboarding clients to your business.

Due Diligence

We have collected the information commonly requested of us during a due diligence process. If we are missing anything or you would like further details, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Company Information

ThinkTilt is an Australian company founded by Simon Herd, Charles Gutjahr, and Kate Caldecott. The team spent 8 years building SmartyGrants, an enterprise-grade SAAS solution for grants management that has become the most widely used grants management system in Australia and New Zealand. ThinkTilt was founded from this experience, with a mission to provide similarly powerful tools to every team in an organization. ThinkTilt launched its flagship product, ProForma, at the 2016 Atlassian Summit in San Jose, and continues to expand ProForma’s functionality.

Office Location: Level 6, 200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

Phone: +61 (0)7 5641 0500

Email: contact@thinktilt.com

Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 8:00AM – 6:00PM AEST

Website: https://www.thinktilt.com

Pledge 5%

ThinkTilt is proud to be a member of the Pledge 1% global philanthropic movement. However, the founding team believed that they needed to make a greater contribution and have therefore pledged 5%.


On request we can provide specific coverage notes for the following insurances policies:

  • IT liability;

  • Management liability; and

  • Cyber and privacy protection.

If you would like to view a copy of our insurance certificates, please contact us at our support portal.

Modifications to EULA

Please contact us with any concerns you have regarding our End User License Agreement (EULA); However, please note that we generally apply the same terms to all of our customers.

Source Code Release

The source code is not included in any of our standard licenses. However, we are willing to discuss providing a copy of our source code with select enterprise customers or Atlassian Solution Partners. Please contact us through our support portal.


Keeping our systems and your client’s data secure is at the core of what we do. We have established policies, security statements and customer pacts in order to keep your clients’ data secure. View our Trust Center.

All ProForma form data is stored securely on the Jira issues as entity properties of that issue. If a client decides to uninstall ProForma, provided that the issues have not been deleted from Jira, all of the form data should still be accessible. They will simply need to install ProForma again and enable it for the relevant project in order to see the data. You can then download the individual forms from the relevant issues or use the spreadsheet download under Project Settings > ProForma Forms.