Simple Export of All Form Responses 

To export a spreadsheet of form responses, go to Project Settings and select Forms.  Click on the …Button and select Responses (XLSX). An XLSX file with all responses that have been submitted for the form will be downloaded.

Export Responses with Jira Fields

You can also select specific issues and include Jira fields in the export:

  1. Go to Project Settings and select Forms. 

  2. Click on the …Button and select Responses with Jira fields.

  3. You’ll be taken to the Advanced issue search screen where you can use JQL to filter down to the desired issues.

  4. Select the columns you want to include. These will be the Jira fields that are included in the export.

  5. Click on the Export option and select Export Forms (current fields).

  6. A new screen will ask you to indicate the:

    1. Project

    2. Form

    3. Format (XLXS or JSON)

  7. The export will include the selected Jira fields as well as the form fields for any issues in the original query that have form.

Export API

You can use the ProForma Export API to extract data from ProForma forms. The API allows you to filter for the desired Jira issues, select which ProForma fields to include in the export, select additional Jira fields to include. Data can be exported in a JSON or XLXS format.

Please see our developer site for detailed instructions for using the API.

Currently, ProForma APIs are only available for Server and Data Center. We will continue to work with Atlassian to extend this feature to Cloud customers.