ProForma directly integrates with a number of other Atlassian Marketplace apps. ProForma can also consume data from your own APIs through its data lookup features. Finally ProForma is compatible with a number of other apps, which can access and manipulate form data.

Data Lookups

With ProForma, you can build your own integration with any REST API, allowing you to populate form choice lists from third party systems.

ProForma API

ProForma offers APIs for exporting form data, adding, opening, submitting and unlocking forms.


Configuration Manager for Jira (Server)

Configuration Manager for Jira, the enterprise standard solution for managing Jira configurations at scale and solving the most complex administration challenges. Integration with Configuration Manager makes it easy to migrate form designs from one Jira instance to another.

Deep Clone for Jira (Cloud)

Deep Clone allows you to copy an issue and its forms. Issues can be cloned within one project or across different projects. Cloning can be automated using Deep Clone's post function on a transition. 


Refined Structure and Theme for JSM (Server)

Build custom support sites that make answers accessible and put the right content in front of the right users. Combining ProForma portal forms with Refined Structure and Theme allows you to create a useful, branded portal that collect all the data service agents need.